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The spouses of the U.S. state of Oregon were found guilty of the manslaughter of her newborn baby. The parents are members of the local branch of the "Church of the followers of Christ" (Followers of Christ Church), followers of which have a negative attitude towards official medicine and practiced healing by prayer, according to AP.

Manual therapy from birth

July 21, 2017 Administrator

A child is born with a primary arc of kyphosis. The top of the arc at the 9 thoracic vertebrae. By the time the baby is born equipped with reflexes that are required for its survival. These include the reflex response to stimulation of the skin near the mouth, are necessary in order to find the nipple and to suckle reflex straightening of the neck, allowing the infant to lift and turn his head from side to side while lying on her stomach, which enables him to suffocate.

Colic in babies: how to help?

July 17, 2017 Administrator

It is no secret that children in the first months of life are restless, often crying. To say they can't, so the tears become for a baby the only way to "tell" parents that he urgently needs their attention – for example, wants to eat or that he changed a crowded diaper. Having "his" baby usually calms down, begins to smile and happy to Galati. However, if your child is hysterically crying every day, and, at the same time and reassure him is extremely difficult, the reason is likely one of the intestinal colic.

Support for children with juvenile arthritis

July 15, 2017 Administrator

Overall, sick children with juvenile arthritis achieve success in school, and healthy children. However, patients with juvenile arthritis are often absent in the classroom because of sudden acute illness, infections, visits to the doctor. Due to morning stiffness patients may be late to school. The disease affects the opportunities to participate in physical education, transition from class to class and writing. Children with uveitis require different adaptations because of difficulties with vision. With this need to fight and make every effort to ensure that visual recovery was successful.

New method for safe ECO gave the first baby

July 14, 2017 Administrator

In the UK, was born the world's first baby conceived using a new method of enhancing the reproductive system of the mother before IVF with injections of the natural hormone kisspeptin, writes The Guardian. This method is much safer for women's health than standard therapy, dramatically reducing the risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (ohss) is a common complication arising in the course of IVF program.

I am sure that for many moms, the stumbling block is the problem when a child falls asleep. Yelling, flip design with side to side or crying for no particular reason – this is not a complete list of inconveniences that delivers a newborn baby to his parents before going to sleep. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and modern technology can easily solve the problem of the falling asleep of the child and available to a wide range of consumers.

Don't lose your optimism!

July 1, 2017 Administrator

With the aim of improving the quality of life of people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system the who has declared 2000-2010 the "Decade of bones and joints" (The Bone and Joint Decade). Because their lesions are a common cause of chronic pain syndromes and disability. So, we must raise awareness about this disease, and interventions aimed at reducing suffering and social consequences of diseases of the joints, spine, Oost-oporose, severe limb injuries and orthopaedic disorders. To achieve this goal encouraged the participation of patients in the fight against their illnesses, promotes cost-effective prevention and treatment, funded research work in this direction.