Science has set a new record: from the fertilized egg, which was kept 20 years, developed and was born a healthy baby, reports the Daily Mail. Over time, this method can give birth to thousands of middle-aged women, the newspaper notes.

A mother who carried the fetus - 42-the summer inhabitant of the United States, which 10 years trying to get pregnant by artificial insemination. In may, she gave birth to a boy, originating from other biological parents. In 1990, a certain married couple resorted to artificial insemination, and 5 were fertilized eggs. "A woman successfully gave birth to one child "test-tube", and the other four embryos, the parents gave, so to speak, up for adoption," writes the newspaper. Two embryos survived the 20-year freeze and were implanted, one survived, the woman successfully gave birth to a child. Doctor Sergio Oehninger, Director of the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in the Medical school Eastern Virginia, his research proves that the period of freezing embryos does not affect the growth opportunities.