Scientists from ETH Zurich are working on a therapy that will replace Viagra. In the penis of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, will be introduced created by experts in the genetic construct. Under the influence of blue light will increase the blood flow to the insertion site of the construct, leading to an erection without additional stimulation, writes med fr.

Experts have developed a genetic construct for 4 years. They conducted an experiment on male rats, which was successful. The researchers introduced the construct in the erectile tissue of experimental animals. In most cases, blue light is "included" erection in rodents. Some animals have even occurred ejaculation.

Scientists explain: as soon as the erectile tissue with the construct is exposed to blue light, the molecule, the precursor guanosine triphosphate (GTP) into the secondary carrier of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). Calcium channels close and calcium levels in the cells is reduced. Because of this, the muscle cells relax and blood flow to the erectile tissue increases. There is an erection, which eventually passes, as cGMP is destroyed.

Viagra, which is currently used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, blocks the action of enzyme that destroys cGMP, so the erection lasts longer. However, to call it, this tablet is not capable. According to scientists, the likelihood of side effects from their therapy small. The injection itself is relatively painless, and other organs of the introduced genetic construct can't. Human trials had yet been conducted, but scientists are convinced that gene therapy will help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.