Don't lose your optimism!

July 1, 2017 Administrator

With the aim of improving the quality of life of people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system the who has declared 2000-2010 the "Decade of bones and joints" (The Bone and Joint Decade). Because their lesions are a common cause of chronic pain syndromes and disability. So, we must raise awareness about this disease, and interventions aimed at reducing suffering and social consequences of diseases of the joints, spine, Oost-oporose, severe limb injuries and orthopaedic disorders. To achieve this goal encouraged the participation of patients in the fight against their illnesses, promotes cost-effective prevention and treatment, funded research work in this direction.

Decade is a multidisciplinary global campaign with the participation of professional and scientific organizations, industry, healthcare institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations. One of its results was the annual October 12, world arthritis day (World Arthritis Day). This event is held under the patronage of the European Antirheumatic League (European League Against Rheumatism - EULAR) and aims to support patients with arthritis and to attract public attention to this problem. Each year the world day against arthritis takes place under a new slogan.

Arthritis is not only physical but also emotional disturbances, but, on the other hand, the patient's state of health largely depends on him. This year's slogan - "don't lose your optimism!" ("Think positive!"). Optimism is necessary not only to patients but their doctors. The use of modern drugs and prostheses gives some justification for this. Patients with arthritis should also provide psychological support and to teach them techniques of anger management.

Despite the name, world turtle day is celebrated mainly in Europe. On the official website of the event hung the flags of the 26 European countries. However, its geography is constantly expanding. For example, in Nigeria to this date is timed 7-mile walk, lunch and a lecture, and in various Indian States are processions in which the participants carry banners with the corresponding contents (for example, "Arthritis can become sick each"). In anticipation of that date, the Scientific center of children health Russian Academy of medical Sciences held a press-conference. At the entrance to the conference hall - exhibition of children's drawings, in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.As noted in the press release, the same disease suffered by the famous French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Opening the press conference, Director of the scientific center of child healthcare of RAMS, academician Alexander Baranov noted that this is a sad holiday because half of the children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) the disability occurs during the first 10 years. They are in Russia about 18 thousand However, the slogan of the world day of arthritis particularly relevant for children as a child - always the optimist. The task of pediatric rheumatologists - this optimism to support. Unfortunately, approved by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences and the Russian state Duma Committee for health protection of the Federal target program of combating rheumatic diseases is still not received funding. Saved vicious principle of allocation of quotas for the treatment of JRA. As said the sheep, "quoting a dead end". According to the Deputy Directors our center for science professors attended Namazova, the main problem is that existing laws do not provide isoconversional assistance at all stages of treatment. "Our achievements in the regions disappear," she stated. This is due to low skills of pediatricians and inadequate funding of pediatric rheumatology service. The country has only 41 rate children's rheumatologist (that is, one person has 800 thousand children). Subsidised medicines on DLO, the child receives only in the presence of a disability. There are no clinical IC tests to assess the effectiveness of Antirheumatic medications in children. Unfortunately, clinical trials involving children make up only 4.6% of the total number of tests .Of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to simplify procedure their conduct, as is done in some European countries. To improve the delivery of rheumatology care is planned to organize branches of our center in the regions of the country. An unresolved problem is the knee joint replacement in severe forms of the JURA (for example, in the case of aseptic necrosis of the hip joints). Recently in our center appeared in the Department of traumatology and orthopedics, headed by Professor Oleg Malakhov.

Four years ago our center created the Europe's largest children's rheumatology Department, which annually treated thousands of children with JRA. The head of this Department Professor Ekaterina Alexeeva showed at the press conference, the video of these poor children with deformed joints, contractures, retardation in growth and development in patients receiving Glu-cocorticoids. After the appointment of modern immunodepressant tov comes remission -the same kids play soccer and gymnastics. Unfortunately, they have removed the disabilities due to the lack of symptoms. And the child loses the right to nbspsatellite. Chakra-usually, parents are not able to buy these expensive drugs. In the result, the child develops a severe exacerbation with need for re-hospitalization. To improve the skills of doctors on the basis of our center created by the Department of Pediatrics with course of pediatric rheumatology, led by Professor Alekseeva. Despite the fact that doctors ' training is free of charge, local health authorities are reluctant to conduct on-site cycles. One reason for this is that children's rheumatology, similarly, pediatric neurosurgery, is not recognized as an independent specialty.

According to Professor Namat-ing, to overcome the existing problems, the doctors can only in Alliance with the parents of sick children. To facilitate disabled children suffering from rheumatic diseases, at the end of last year was created the interregional public organization "Revival". The press conference ended with the speech of its President Marina Zadorinki. At present this organization has about 250 parents, she has her сайт

Within the framework of Semimagnetic-TA in our center hosted a charity concert, which was attended by actors of the Moscow theatre klounady them. Tereza Durova , the theatre of drama and Comedy "FEST", "the Academy of children's pop art", honoured artist of Russia Natalia Koroleva and writer Michael Slutsky. The concert was held, headed by Professor Namazova the research Institute of preventive Pediatrics and rehabilitation of scientific center of child healthcare - Russia's largest children's rehabilitation centre. There are doctors in 28 specialties and there are all conditions for effective rehabilitation of several gyms (for three age groups -children up to 4 лв1, went 4-12 and adolescents), for treatment of orthopaedic pathology and mechano, the most advanced equipment, hydrotherapy, and halotherapy (salt cave), day hospital, etc. the Bandwidth of the center-up to 200 people daily. Rehabilitation usually lasts for two weeks. In addition, there are testing teenagers isolini-sky reserve. The celebration ended in the rheumatology Department of the scientific center of child healthcare. In the hallway of the unit, children were treated to fruit and pastries, they were entertained by clowns, there was music. Although the Department has 53 beds, it is now 70 children and 25 mothers - children and mothers lie on the same beds or on cots. According to Professor Alekseeva, the line for admission stretched to apros future of TDA. Here the dying patients, which refused to treat on the ground. According to her, over 4 years of work with the help of modern genetic engineering drugs "we actually saved the lives of 11 patients."

Alexeyev calls his office "collapsible" - under the guise of rheumatic diseases often occur in various infectious or oncological diseases. After further examination in our center these children have to transfer to other institutions of the corresponding profile. Many heavy patients admitted out of turn. In the hallway on the table guard nurse sitting, legs dangling, rosy-cheeked Maxim from Ukraine. He became ill on JURA is 8 months old. "We] Il and to walk," proudly says Alekseeva. Many patients come from asocial families.For example,in the Department for two years lived a young homeless man from Kursk, who suffered from severe form of JRA. During that time he learned to walk and talk, made the deprivation of parental rights of parents-alcoholics, and a nurse from the Department adopted the boy and his sister.