Erection problems - a sign of early death

October 7, 2017 Administrator

Australian scientists warn men: began problems with erection that treat cialis. may indicate high risk of dangerous cardiovascular diseases and early death. According to specialists, men often do not know about their heart problems. Researchers from the Institute Sachs say that approximately every fifth man in the world after its 40th anniversary, is faced with erectile dysfunction, moderate or severe. Together with colleagues from the Australian national University, the University of Sydney and other institutions they studied the case histories of men who were hospitalized due to cardiovascular disease – all scientists have studied 7855 cases of hit in the hospital and 2.3 thousand deaths. Male patients, which were monitored for 2-3 years, reported information about their health and lifestyle. As it turned out, men with erectile dysfunction are more prone to heart disease, including heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, peripheral vascular disease and problems with the electrical conductivity of the heart. Erection problems is a serious reason to turn to to check with a cardiologist. erectile dysfunction does not cause heart disease, but a symptom of an already existing, but yet a hidden disease, I'm sure the curator of the study, Professor Emily banks. "The risk of heart disease in the future and premature death increased steadily with severity of erectile dysfunction in men with cardiovascular disease history, and without them", - quotes its the journal PLOS Medicine