I am sure that for many moms, the stumbling block is the problem when a child falls asleep. Yelling, flip design with side to side or crying for no particular reason – this is not a complete list of inconveniences that delivers a newborn baby to his parents before going to sleep. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and modern technology can easily solve the problem of the falling asleep of the child and available to a wide range of consumers.

Toys with pink noise

The design toys with pink noise, which allows babies to calm down and fall asleep faster, began as a preventive measure. Scientists of the Department of electrical engineering Northern Illinois University (USA) found that infants within the incubators or the Department of neonatology, get excess noise, which harms the child's development and adversely affects the health of the newborn.

In trying to solve this problem, we developed a device working on the principle of active noise control (ACP). The main sounds used recordings of bubbling brook and the quiet calm of the music, the rhythm of which is partially or completely coincides with the heartbeat of a relaxed mother's heart is 72 beats per minute. Yes, it really worked, but with increasing sounds "from the outside" noise of this device was to intensify to effectively suppress extraneous sounds. As a consequence, the child became irritable, sometimes it even leads to disorders of the nervous system.

Bebiage Doodoo

To solve this unpleasant moment was developed toys with a softer pink noise. The principle of operation of such products is that they create sound "effect of the uterus". The essence is the following – when a child is in the womb of his mother, he constantly hears her heartbeat, breathing, vessel noise and other sounds. It was experimentally shown that if the child continues to listen to these sounds after birth, they are:

  • calm;
  • increase the duration of sleep;
  • improve appetite;
  • establishing the respiratory system;
  • improve heart rate.

Hence, the child is less cranky and faster gaining weight, eating better. But the development of toys with soothing noise did not stop – had to do another and so that the child does not interfere with other sounds.

Active noise reduction system existed before, but in this situation they were modified so as not to suppress the fetal sounds. So it was obtained a device with a pink buzz – toy Bebiage Doodoo. The sound is continuously reproduced in a single volume level, this extraneous noise is effectively suppressed "corrosion control and antinoise".

The product works the following way – a toy placed in the crib for the child, it can simply be put next to one another or to attach using Velcro on the sides of the cot. When the child starts to act up (no matter day or night), the toy automatically turns on. In just a few seconds, the baby calms down, begins to slowly blink and gradually closes his eyes. His pulse slows, breathing becomes calm and even, the sobbing stopped.

The Russian space about this toy just getting to know. But she has managed to receive positive reviews on websites such as ireccomend, for example. All mothers noted the unquestioning operation of the product and other pleasant moments associated with the toy – a large stock of works on batteries, pleasant to the touch material and appearance.