Without such checking the hearing defects in children are detected only after four to six months after their birth. According to statistics provided by doctors from the Haifa medical center, "Carmel", out of every thousand newborn infants in Israel, there are three problems with hearing, in varying degrees.

And children with genetic problems, the risk of total or partial deafness, compared with normal infants is increased eight times. And for approximately half of the children with hearing impairments, risk factors are unknown.

In connection with these problems, the Ministry of health adopted a decision on compulsory non-invasive hearing screening for newborns. This check does not cause the child any discomfort, and goes completely unnoticed. It can be done even while the baby is sleeping.

Such measures will help to pick up for children hearing AIDS and cochlear implants that will allow in the future to prevent the problems of cognitive development.

In the case where the primary test for newborns detected a hearing problem, they will be sent to a re-examination.

This check is carried out by using the apparatus of the ABR, which analyzes the state of the brain stem and the auditory nerve. The results of such tests show which treatment you want babies in the future.