New method for safe ECO gave the first baby

July 14, 2017 Administrator

In the UK, was born the world's first baby conceived using a new method of enhancing the reproductive system of the mother before IVF with injections of the natural hormone kisspeptin, writes The Guardian. This method is much safer for women's health than standard therapy, dramatically reducing the risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (ohss) is a common complication arising in the course of IVF program.

The results of clinical trials of the use of kisspeptin in the IVF program, conducted jointly by Imperial College London and Hammersmith hospital, was presented at the held these days in San Francisco annual conference of the Society of endocrinology, ENDO 2013.

During the tests in July 2012 injection kisspeptin got 30 women who are not at risk for ohss, including 34-year-old Suzanne Kidd (Suzannah Kidd). As a result of ovulation was achieved in 29 participants, 28 of them as a result of in vitro fertilization treatment were successfully obtained embryos from 11 participants on the 12th day after the transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity was recorded in pregnancy.

Suzanne Kidd was the first of the participants of the trials that produced a child. Her perfectly healthy son Heath (Heath) 3 weight 243 grams came to light in April 2013.

As experts believe, the success of clinical trials kisspeptin tells about the advent of safer, ECO.

Kisspeptin hormone encoded by the gene kiSS-1, was opened in 1999. It was found that is naturally produced in the body substance starts the process of puberty in adolescence, and further responsible for the regulation of reproductive functions.