According to doctors, 34-year-old man, whose name was not disclosed, remained only 100 orgasms before erection will leave him forever, writes . The reason is a rare disorder - whenever ejaculation happens, the penis formed scar tissue due to an autoimmune reaction (the body attacks healthy tissues, destroying them). .

The scar tissue prevents erection. This disorder is known as idiopathic fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa. What provoked pathological changes in the penis, nor the doctors, nor the patient does not know. The man always wore loose linen, sat in the sauna, the injury was not there. To date, tried all possible treatment options. And none of them helped.

The man was forbidden to masturbate and advised to be cautious when choosing a partner. According to the patient, since the diagnosis he has had only one sexual contact. And now thinking about sex leads him in horror. A man plagued by dreams with sexual content that also be a cause for alarm.

It should be noted, not all doctors agree with the diagnosis. Some believe that to predict the exact number of remaining patient ejaculations impossible. Someone does not believe in threatening impotence. If we are talking about an autoimmune reaction, why it occurs only during erection and ejaculation (blood with immune cells constantly flows through the penis).