The cry of the newborn

September 20, 2017 Administrator

For newborns without pathology burdened by the typical loud, sometimes exasperated cry. The Creek appears in the background of the pain manipulation or spontaneously, with the feeling of hunger or symptoms of discomfort (wet diaper, uncomfortable position in bed). As a manifestation of the pain response cry often marked with flatulence and abdominal pain, but in the first week of life is very rare.

The cry of a newborn is easy to stop, if he is healthy, it is enough to feed, provide pacifier, perepelenat. The lack of positive effect of these actions requires differentiation from different pathological conditions.

CNS may be accompanied by monotonous, high-pitched or moaning cry of the newborn, the latter is also observed in severe somatic disorders. The cry at birth trauma of the cervical spine usually occurs or increases with various head rotations. Prolonged irritated cry of the children from the mothers of drug abusers is a symptom of withdrawal syndrome.

Preterm with low birth weight and small gestational age in the absence of severe pathology of the Creek is quite loud, comparable to their weight. On the first or second week of life it only occurs when a painful manipulation or inspection. At rest, the child is not screaming.

Pathological manifestations of the cry of newborns of this category should be considered squeak, moaning cry and a spontaneous cry when the baby lies in the incubator, and no one bothers. The latter can be regarded as a "brain" through the exercise of a headache.