Ways to improve male potency

October 10, 2017 Administrator

On how to improve the potency, it is useful to know every man, because there are many factors that affect the sexual organs. The body is also influenced by lifestyle, environmental conditions, nutrition and mental state. Accepting kamagra 100mg to improve the potency most common and popular method. Most of these funds contains phosphodiesterase type 5, through which the blood flows to the penis, helping his erection. However, medicines are not just supporting, their use should be postponed "at least". You should consult with your doctor, otherwise there will be serious disturbances in the body.


The most popular in the former Soviet Union means to improve male strength is Viagra. It is taken on an empty stomach half an hour before sexual intercourse. Their action, they remain for 4 hours. However, the drug only helps to reproduce the erection, but not strengthen it. People under 35 years old strongly recommended to take this medication. Frequent use of threatening headaches, stomach ailments and disabilities. Medication for potentialability male potency in the long term will help Cialis. Unlike the previous version, it works about 35 hours. But despite its power, it has less side effects. One tablet Cialis is taken for 15 minutes to process. To drink them it is categorically forbidden to men suffering from cardiovascular, renal and hepatic diseases. Drug Levitra aimed not so much at strengthening the genital organs, but on the elimination of their dysfunction, so appointed solely at the direction of a physician. The effect of excitation occurs at 15 minutes after administration, but the power of erection will be weaker than after Viagra. Levitra has similar side effects, but they can add muscle pain. The potency of men can restore the hormone testosterone, which is introduced into the body by injection. This version of the return force of the genital organs relates to an alternative and is applied after a thorough examination. The reason for purpose is a violation of the endocrine system, male when the sex gland are not able to produce testosterone.